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About Isles

"The right to information [is] an important aspect of democratic
accountability and promote[s] transparency and encourages[s] full
participation of citizens in the democratic process".
- Commonwealth Law Ministers, 2002

ISLES is an interactive program designed to provide information on the socio-economic activities in each island. It has been developed to improve government transparency and accountability by providing decision-makers and the public with a user-friendly and comprehensive account of development activities in all the islands of the Maldives.

ISLES provides island level information on specific projects that have been funded both by the Government of Maldives and other international donors. Financial values, status, and other details of projects have been provided.

The information presented has been provided by the relevant bodies. Please note ISLES is still work in progress and therefore the government of Maldives asks all relevent bodies to update the information contained in the programme by contacting us through the Feedback page.

Government of Maldives - 2018