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Inhabited Island
Dhaalu Atoll
Central Province
Project Category

Post Tsunami recovery and reconstruction project - School Upgrading
Categories:  Education
Implementing Agency: Ministry of Education
Executing Agency: - n/a
Start Date: 11/12/2006
Expected Completion Date: 02/09/2007
Financial Source(s): World Bank
Cost: Rf  538,033.29
Summary: project delayed for 356 days so contractor is requested to submit whether reports and site log book 16-3-2008
Project Status in Island: Completed
Overall Project Status: On-going
Construction of New Classrooms in Single session Schools
Categories:  Education
Implementing Agency: The President's Office
Executing Agency: Ministry of Education
Start Date: 29/09/2009
Expected Completion Date: 02/01/2010
Financial Source(s): Government of Maldives
Cost: Rf  465,000.00
Summary: - Construction of 2 classrooms completed, and furniture supplied.
* contractor: Shakko Construction Investment
Project Status in Island: Completed
Overall Project Status: On-going
Pre-school in Dh. Hulhudheli
Categories:  Education  Infrastructure Building
Implementing Agency: IDC
Executing Agency: - n/a
Start Date:
Expected Completion Date:
Financial Source(s): Japanese Food Aid and Counterpart Fund
Cost: US$  61,389.00
Summary: Approved by National Planning Council.
Project Status in Island: Planned
Overall Project Status: Planned
Government of Maldives - 2017