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Inhabited Island
Kaafu Atoll
North Central Province
Project Category

To implement Telemedicine Kiosk network in 35 islands
Categories:  Health
Implementing Agency: Ministry of Health and Family
Executing Agency: Ministry of Health and Family
Start Date: 01/02/2010
Expected Completion Date: 31/12/2012
Financial Source(s): Abu Dhabi Khaleefa Foundation
Cost: US$  5,800,000.00
Summary: Implementation of selected Kiosk technology in the 3 central hospitals and 7 rural islands in the first year. 2) Complete the training component for the phase 1 3) Provide Connectivity to these referral islands 4) Develop clear protocols, standards and guidelines for the use of this technology 5) Sensitization and training of users as well as stakeholders Objectives: * Provide accessible, high-quality medical care to small, isolated populations. * Provide physician-prescribed, accessible, and audited telepharmacy services to small villages with no pharmacy. * Provide accessible, high-quality clinical blood laboratory services to small,isolated populations. * Provide specialized medical support to remotely-located general physicians and healthcare workers. * Establish a network of services through which the medical records of enrolled patients can be electronically transferred and viewed by multiple physicians and medical practitioners over the archipelago and abroad.
Project Status in Island: On-going
Overall Project Status: On-going
Government of Maldives - 2018