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Inhabited Island
Kaafu Atoll
North Central Province
Project Category

75MW Maldives Wind Farm Project - K.Gaafaru
Categories:  Utilities: Electricity  Utilities: Renewable Energy
Implementing Agency: Ministry of Housing and Environment
Executing Agency: State Electrical Company (STELCO)
Start Date:
Expected Completion Date:
Financial Source(s): Falcon Energy
Cost: US$  200,000,000.00
Summary: Approved by National Planning Council to establish the wind farm

NPC Decision as on 15/10/2009:
- The aim of this project is making Maldives a Carbon Neutral Country, inform the investor to establish the Wind mast in K.Gaafaru in an immediate period that MHTE agrees.
- Find Maldivian Companies in finding contractors for doing Civil Works other than Reclamation work.
- To send regularly update to NPC of the ongoing pre-preparation and the implementing stage of the project.
Project Status in Island: On-going
Overall Project Status: On-going
Government of Maldives - 2018