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ISLES694 - Strengthening National and Commuinities Capacities for effective Early Warning Dessemination and response
Category(ies):  Environment
Start Date: 02/05/2009 Implementing Agency: Maldives Meteorological Service
Expected Completion Date: 31/12/2009 Executing Agency: Maldives Meteorological Service
Cost: Rf  2,497,010.00 Funding Type(s): - Grant - Govt. Funded
Revised Cost:      
Related Pledges: Financial Source(s): UNDP
Status: Completed Tag(s):
Status Description:
Summary - Overrall project 50% completed.
- 19 Stakeholders' SOP's done and most collected and compiled.

- Project delays due to the delaying of developing Standared Oparating Procedures (SOP) of additional Stakholders.
- UNDP requested to extend the project but couldn't get approval from UNESCAP, hence Project funds are closed from 31 December 2009
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