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ISLES695 - Establishment of Regional Integrated Multi-hazard Early Warning System (RIMES)
Category(ies):  Environment  Information Communication Technology (ICT)
Start Date: 30/04/2009 Implementing Agency: Maldives Meteorological Service
Expected Completion Date: 30/06/2012 Executing Agency: RIMES Secretariat, Excuitive Board, RIMES Council
Cost: Rf  4,934,400.00 Funding Type(s): - Grant - Govt. Funded
Revised Cost:      
Related Pledges: Financial Source(s): UNESCAP
Member Countries
Status: Completed Tag(s):
Status Description: - Overrall project 41% completed.
- Mongolia joined RIMES during december 2010 and some more countries are very close to signing.
- Progress in establishing institutional and financial mechanisms for sustaining RIMES.
-Project completed
Summary Scope:
1- The whole program aims at developing and sustaining the regional early warning arrangement among 26 counties in Africa and Asia for tsunami and hydro-meteorological hazards.
2- Collabrating counties contribute resources towards sustaining the regional arrangement for multi-hazard warning.

1- Facilitate establishment and maintenance of core regional observation and monitoring networks, and ensure data availability for early warning purposes.
2- provide regional tsunami watches within the framework of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and (UNESCO/IOC).
3- Provide research and development support to national meteorological hydrological services for providing localized hydro-meteorological risk information
4- Enchance capacities of national systems to respond to early warning information of various lead times at national, sub-national, local and at risk community levels within each national early warning framework.
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